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Salt - Angelina Jolie - 2010 - In English - DVD Video (Used - Like New)

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Evelyn Salt is a CIA agent and highly respected by all, including her boss, Ted Winter. Out of the blue, a Russian spy walks into their offices and offers a vital piece of information: the President of Russia will be assassinated during his forthcoming visit to New York City to attend the funeral of the recently deceased U.S. Vice President. The name of the assassin: is Evelyn Salt.


Concerned about the safety of her husband, whom she cannot contact, she goes on the run. Winter refuses to accept that she is a mole or a double agent but her actions begin to raise doubts. Just who is Evelyn Salt and what is she planning?


- Platform: DVD

- Compatibility: PAL

- Language: English

- Subtitles: English, Dutch, German, Hindi, Turkish

- Genre: Action & Adventure, Mystery

- Studio: Columbia Pictures

- Director: Philip Noyce

- Age Rating: 15+

- Release Year: 2010

PAL Version

This DVD is PAL Version. PAL is an abbreviation for Phase Alternate Line. This is the video format standard used in many European countries.


PAL systems are much more common around the world and can be found in Australia, most of Western Europe, China, some parts of Africa, India, and elsewhere.


A PAL picture is made up of 625 interlaced lines and is displayed at a rate of 25 frames per second.

Customer Reviews

Based on 1 review
Valerie Robertson (Limassol, CY)

There is a reason that Angelina Jolie and Johnny Depp are box office winners; surprise, they can both act and do well in Tourist. Salt is a bit different but Jolie holds her own in this thriller.

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