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Monster Energy Supercross: The Official Videogame 2 - XBOX ONE (NEW)

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- All the action, all the battle, and all the feeling of the 2018 Monster Energy am Super Cross Championship

- Face the competition as a hero: Compete on official tracks with 80+ official riders from 250Sx and 450Sx, including Jason Anderson, Marvin mosque, and the highly anticipated: Eli to Mac

- LIVE like a champion in renewed Career mode: train in the Compound area, join different activities from Monday thrill race Weekends - complete challenges, attract sponsors, and meet fans to win prizes

- Your face, your style, your own personality: a new level of customization with 3000+ items to create the bike of your dreams, make your avatar your Twin and celebrate your victory as you, please

- An enhanced track editor: new features and Easy accessibility thanks to the in-game tutorial and renewed graphics. Create your track, jump in it, and share it online with the community


- Platform: XBOX ONE

- Compatibility: All Regions

- Genre: Sports, Racing, Simulation

- Mode: Multiplayer

- Publisher: Milestone

- PEGI Rating: 12+

- Release Year: 2019


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Customer Reviews

Based on 1 review
Stephanie Harrison
Excellent Game All Around

I really like this game, tons of fun. I had the first version of this game, and it was so glitchy that I couldn't play it. I ended up returning it. This game works well, without the glitches. Controls are good, much like MXGP Pro, and once you get the hang of bike steering/rider weight shift, the controls are very intuitive. Getting the controls down is challenging and not easy, but totally worth it. I use Kontrol Freeks CQCX on my controller, which I think really helps.

There are different levels of traction on different parts of the tracks, and conditions change throughout each race, so you have to adapt how you control the rider based on these factors, which adds to the challenge and realism. Tip; keep rider weight shift set on manual. It may seem harder at first, but it definitely enables you to do more on the track with the bike, especially cornering with speed. I leave physics set at standard, not advanced. It's all about controlling the bike steering and rider weight shift together.

Weather conditions change from race to race, with some mud races as well as dry track conditions.

The commentary is just OK, pretty standard and repetitive. I normally skip it and get to the racing, the best part of the game.

I think the negative reviews are from players who expect the game to be easy right away, like an arcade racer, which this is not. It's a simulation racing game, and a good one. Don't expect to be proficient at it right away, it takes time and effort. I have already played MXGP Pro a lot, so became familiar with the controls there, and they transfer nicely to this game.

It's awesome to get the rhythm sections right and create a good flow around the track. The graphics are very good, and it's cool to play as one of the riders I know and follow, on tracks from the actual pro Supercross circuit. Doing a championship series on realistic race times is immersive and challenging.

Disregard the negative reviews and get this game. Put in some time learning the control scheme and it's a blast to play!

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