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Mirror's Edge - XBOX 360 - PAL (Used - Like New)

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  • Heroes Emerge - A young woman without a home until she is taken in and trained by the Runners.


  • Your incredible gifts allow you to swiftly navigate the city while eluding those who would try to stop you.


  • Go Vertigo - Heights create vertigo, movements flow naturally, collisions are felt realistically, and muscles and tendons strain as you chase and are chased throughout the city.


  • Slip off the Edge - Perform amazing acrobatic moves from below street level, through buildings, and up to the dizzying heights of hyper real skyscrapers as you face off against your enemies or run for your life.


  • Unrivaled Immersion - An exciting mix of chase, intense combat, strategy and puzzles draw you into a world like never before.

- Platform: XBOX 360

- Compatibility: PAL

- Genres: Action & Adventure, Shooter

- PEGI Rating: 16+

- Publisher: Electronic Arts

- Mode: Single Player Video Game

- Release Year: 2008

PAL Version

This game is PAL Version. PAL is an abbreviation for Phase Alternate Line. This is the video format standard used in many European countries.

PAL systems are much more common around the world and can be found in Australia, most of Western Europe, China, some parts of Africa, India, and elsewhere.

A PAL picture is made up of 625 interlaced lines and is displayed at a rate of 25 frames per second.

Customer Reviews

Based on 1 review
Salem E. (Limassol, CY)
What a game. Incredible Achievement

I had this game for over a year and I wasn't sure if I was ever going to play it. A couple of times I thought about selling it, but man am I glad I didn't. This was one of the most exhilarating gaming experiences I have ever had. Incredible free form running is the best part about the whole game. It also has a solid story, great music, and they created an incredibly believable futuristic city. I really hope they make a sequel to this, the potential for this franchise is limitless.

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