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Left Alive: Day One Edition - PlayStation 4 (PS4) (BRAND NEW - FACTORY SEALED)

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- Day One Edition includes Survival Pack DLC

- Ammo Pack: Includes extra bullets for the character's firearms

- US 11 15 Klyuch: A special color variant of the rifle with different abilities

- Recovery Pack: An item set restoring the player's health

- Grenade Pack: A set of powerful grenades with different capabilities.Light Body Armor: Worn under outerwear to reduce the amount of damage taken from attacks


- Platform: PlayStation 4

- Compatibility: All Regions

- Mode: Single Player Video Game

- Genre: Shooter, Action & Adventure 

- Publisher: Square Enix

- PEGI Rating: 18+

- Release Year: 2019


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Customer Reviews

Based on 1 review
Pan (Limassol, CY)
Incredible Game

I've been wanting to play Left Alive for a while now and have been following it on social media through its development. Now Left Alive has finally been released and it was definitely worth the wait the graphics Storyline and artwork are all great and so is the gameplay I'll state this right off the bat Left Alive is NOT a call of duty you must use stealth and tactics to survive if you go in guns blazing you'll get slaughtered very quickly To win you must rely on stealth and plan out every move you make

I love the storyline and the characters And I love that you can make choices that influence the story you can also pilot mechs in this game The mech parts of the game are cool but most of the gameplay is on foot

As an avid Front Mission fan I love that Left Alive takes place in the Front Mission universe Even though it's not a new classic turn-based Front Mission which I've been waiting for years Left Alive is an amazing game in its own right I is shocked about all the negative reviews left alive is getting because this is really a great game please don't listen to the bad reviews because their dead wrong left alive is a great game and definitely worth the purchase Left alive and resident evil 2 Remake are definitely going to be my favorite releases of the year

Overall Left Alive is a great game with great graphics storyline and gameplay If you sick of the standard going in guns blazing gaming standard I highly recommend Left Alive.

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