What Is The Freenet Software - A Brief Explanation

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The Freenet concept was originally developed by Ian Clarke, but it has been undergoing constant development since the year 2000. Freenet is an open-source software that is used for accessing the Dark Web. It is used for peer-to-peer communications over the Internet while providing high anonymity and security.


Freenet works on a decentralized network and is designed in such a way that allows freedom of speech without censorship. The Freenet technology enables users to anonymously distribute information by sharing bandwidth and hard drive space. Freenet is usually defined as an Internet within the Internet because people are not limited to sharing files, but may use it for any purpose.


The Freenet technology is different from conventional peer-to-peer sharing software in terms of both its interactivity and security features. Freenet can be used only for accessing digital content that was uploaded to the Freenet network. In general, Freenet is used for distributing content, downloading files, publishing "freesites", communicating through message boards, and activating forums. Communication on Freenet is routed through alternate nodes, which dramatically decreases the chance that users will be traced. Below are some of the main disadvantages of Freenet.

  • The users have no knowledge of what files their nodes store.

  • Each node has limited storage capacity.

  • No user knows the identity of a server that provides a file they have requested.

  • Users do not know the identity of a node that has requested a file from them.

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